Chris Brown, Atlanta, Ga.

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I have a Robo3d R1+ Plus, Rostock Delta, Da Vinci 2.0a. My favorite filaments are PLA and PETg because they are the easiest to use on printers that are not enclosed. I use ABS mostly for orders I receive and only print ABS with a Fleks3d because it takes care the problem with adhesion to the build plate.  I am also a big Woodfil and Carbon Fiber fan!

Fleks3d has made printing very delicate parts easier by not having to worry about breaking the print while removing them from the bed with the ability to pop the print off instead of trying to scrape it off. Fleks3d has also saved many prints from failing because it stops prints form curling off the bed and helps them adhere better. Another great feature is the fact that you don’t have touse glue, hair spray, painters tape, or any other agent to help your prints stick to the bed.

Set up of the Fleks3d system is a breeze on my Robo3d printer. It easily attached with two binder clips and stays in place during prints without any problems. The hardest part is leveling and even that is not too big of a deal even with a printer that doesn’t auto-level. Some solutions I have found to make leveling easier on non-auto leveling printers is either setting a small Z- Axis offset in the g-code or printing a small piece to trigger the Z-Axis endstop which is my solution for my Da Vinci printer.

My two favorite filaments to use are PLA and PETg because both my Delta and Robo3d printers are not enclosed. My least favorite filament is ABS, even though Fleks3d allows the prints to stick to the bed a lot easier I am still not a fan of ABS.