My name is David Farrant and I live in a small village in Essex, England called Tollesbury.

I have a self build Prusa i3 enhanced/modified with a MK8 exturder and a self leveling heated bed.

I like to print in PLA because of its consistent results but have ordered some ABS since receiving my Fleks3D build plate.  I like to use my printer for gifts (my friends children love their T-Rex skull and Unicorns!), odd jobs around the house and caravan (hooks, catches, handles etc.), enclosures (I'm a maker so I love the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and even have 2 Pine64s from another successful and brilliant kickstarter), everything I can find an excuse to print and finally improving my printer!

Fleks3D has meant that I no longer need to add a raft to my prints.  This has improved print times, print consistency and quality on the first layer.  It has also negated my reliance on the ever dwindling supply of blue painters tape.

Using the Fleks3D was easy, I only needed to add a small piece of Kapton tape to the 0,0,0 point of the build platform as my hot end self levels before the print but after heating so the first couple of time I did end up with a dented corner!

Sadly I have only had experience with PLA at the moment but now I am going to start trying new filaments soon.  PLA is an absolute breeze with the Fleks3D.  As I said before,  improved print times, print consistency and quality on the first layer are all thanks to the Fleks3D