EVAN - Rawtenstall, U.K. 


My name is Evan and I am a self employed model maker, I have a huge passion for 3D printing and own a Wanhao Duplicator I3 and a modifiedXYZ Da Vinci 1.0a.

My Wanhao Is my primary PLA printer and my Da Vinci is my primary ABS, I hope to expand on my printers in the future and have many more. I print with PLA a lot due to its ease of use but when I need something super strong ABS always comes to mind.

FLEKS3D has made printing a lot easier as it takes away the effort of applying ABS slurry, glue stick or painters tape and leaves you more time to print and finish those parts!

I ran into a few problems while trying to attach the plate to my Wanhao and thus modeled some simple clips to slide on the side and hold it tight without the bulldog clips colliding with the machine, for the time being I have printed these in PLA but they are warping so I plan to print them in ABS, 

I find PLA and metal filled PLA very simple to use on the FLEKS3D and although ABS is a struggle I think with time and lots of testing I could get that to work too.