Jon Charnas, living in the Geneva area, Switzerland.

I print on a reprap Kossel Mini assembled from a kit, the goal was to print model aircraft parts (or whole aircraft, too).
Fleks3d has made my life a lot easier because of the way I don't have to keep watching over the printer for the first layer or three to check if adhesion is good. I can also lower the bed temperature, saving electricity, without losing bed adhesion. That and the interchangeability of the plates means I can pull off prints from the printer as soon as they're done, let them cool while another set of parts starts printing. Also, if you're smart and you leave air beneath the Fleks plate, you'll cool the part even faster from below. Speedy printing turnaround!

Installing the Fleks3D was as simple as placing clips on the edges to hold it against the original build plate and recalibrate the Z height. If you've got a switch-based bed leveling probe, it's automatic.

PLA prints on Fleks unheated. XT prints on Fleks at low PLA temperatures, instead of the near-ABS temperatures it normally needs on a PVA-coated glass bed.