We have tackled 3 major issues with 3D printing: RELEASING the print from the build-plate, a good grip on the build plate for NO WARPING and resetting THE LEVELING of the build plate between each print.


FLEKS3D™ build plate greatly improves on the standard build-plate by providing easy removal of the 3D prints and interchange plates for an uninterrupted 3D printing experienceThe ease of removing a 3D print is achieved by flexing the FLEKS3D™ buildplate. By doing so, the print releases its grip on the plate and simply pops off. This is without using any tools... or risking any bloodshed.



A continuous challenge with 3D printing is achieving good grip to the build-plate. Standard build-plates require tape or hairspray to achieve this. Our proprietary texture is an ideal surface to achieve grip for the print. No more need for annoying tape or hairspray.


Sizes For All

We have created 3 standard sizes to fit 95% of the printers out there. Our most common sizes are: 6" by 6", medium 8" by 8" and large is 10" by 10" inch. (In European that is: Small 152mm by 153mm, Medium 204mm by 204mm and large 254mm by 254mm.)  For MakerBot, we have created custom FLEKS3D™ plates fine tuned to their specific printers. These are available for Replicator 2, Replicator 2X and Replicator (5th gen)


Yes, yes, yes and yes. With over 5000 users worldwide FLEKS3D has been tested with a wide range of filaments. Our community has tested FLEKS3D to the max and it just works. 

The most challenging material is ABS. Some of our users have had great results and some hasn't. That is why we can't guarantee results with this specific filament. 

Red PLA with Grey Ninjaflex

Red PLA with Grey Ninjaflex

Heated plate, Self-leveling & Life-span

FLEKS3D has been tested up to 125 c (257 F) without a problem. Above 100c (212 F) is s light bend where the high point is in the middle. To be safe keep heated plate under 80 c (176 F).

SELF-LEVELING We provide a "self-leveling puck" for the users that have that feature.The leveling puck is used for machines with a self-leveling feature if the nozzle  is hot while it is doing so. Please see more in the support section on how to use it.

LIFESPAN - Our first prototypes still work 18 months later. So we can’t say how long the lifespan is, just that it is longer than 18 months.

FLEKS3D on Flashforge

FLEKS3D on Flashforge