Peter Ragonetti


Trained in Industrial Design at Pratt Institute, Peter has spent the last 12 years designing and developing products for the consumer market. Over this time he has lead design teams and held management positions at large product development companies. He has a robust knowledge in manufacturing techniques that he has used to combine innovative thinking along with real world solutions to provide companies with unique products solutions.


Over the last 3 years Peter has shifted into consulting for start-up product companies. Bringing his many years of experience to nimble start-ups has allowed him to help rapid development and test new product ideas. Peter is a also a visiting Professor at Pratt Institute where he brings his passion for developing unique real world solutions to a new crowdfunding class where students launch real projects.

Viktor Jondal


Viktor Jondal is a Swedish New York-based product designer that fuse pure creative gusto with a thorough understanding of cultural and market forces behind a brand. His work ranging from one-of-a-kind furniture, packaging for high-end lifestyle brands to innovative home products. He works with clients big and small, national and international. His work can be found in your local fashion boutique, at a super-bowl half-time show and on shelves in Tokyo.

Viktor Jondals independent work has been featured by industry recognized publications and institutions on three continents. While holding key creative leadership roles in renowned New York based design consultancies, he has brought products to market for a wide range of global companies. It is this duality of artistry and market understanding that inspires him and has formed his unique approach to product design.